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Zirconium silicate is a non-toxic and tasteless white or gray white powder. Zirconium silicate is processed from natural high-purity zircon sand concentrate through ultra-fine grinding, iron removal, titanium processing, surface modification treatment and other processes. Zirconium silicate is a high cost-effective ceramic glaze opacifier, brightener, anti-seepage agent and stabilizer.

(1) As a ceramic glaze additive, zirconium silicate improves whiteness, strength, wear resistance, hydrolysis resistance and corrosion resistance with the decrease of particle size in a certain range, enhances self-cleaning ability and reduces dosage.
(2) Because nano zirconium silicate powder has strong hydrolysis resistance, Zirconium silicate can be used as the carrier of nano functional powder in aqueous environment.
(3) Due to its strong oxidation resistance, nano zirconium silicate can be used as a surface coating agent for functional powders.
(4) Due to the high strength and good wear resistance of nano zirconium silicate, nano zirconium silicate powder is a high-quality grinding medium and engineering ceramic raw material.