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Zircon flour

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Product NameZircon ZrO₂+HfO₂ (≥)Iron Fe₂O₃ (≤)Titanium TiO₂ (≤)
Zircon Flour65%0.2%0.3%
Zircon Flour65%0.15%0.15%
Zircon Flour66%0.1%0.15%

These data show the composition specifications of different zircon flours, suitable for various industrial needs and applications.

Zircon flour, a finely ground form of zircon sand, is characterized by particle sizes ranging from a few micrometers to tens of micrometers. This fine powder retains the desirable properties of zircon sand, such as high refractoriness and chemical inertness, making it invaluable in several industrial applications.

Applications of Zircon Flour

  1. Advanced Ceramics:
  • Role: Acts as a stabilizer.
  • Benefits: Enhances mechanical strength and thermal resistance of ceramic materials.
  • Uses: Integral in the production of high-performance ceramics used in demanding environments.
  1. Manufacturing of Zirconium Chemicals:
  • Applications:
    • Paper Coatings: Provides a smooth finish and improves print quality.
    • Paint Driers: Accelerates the drying process of paints.
    • Catalysts: Used in various chemical reactions due to its stability and inertness.
    • Cosmetics: Particularly in antiperspirants for its efficacy and safety.
  1. Investment Casting:
  • Role: Essential component in creating molds for precision casting.
  • Benefits: Allows for the production of metal components with high accuracy and fine detail.
  • Industries: Widely used in aerospace, automotive, and other sectors requiring precise metal parts.

Zircon flour’s unique combination of properties makes it a critical material across these diverse applications, contributing significantly to the performance and quality of end products.