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Acid-grade fluorite, also known as acid-grade fluorspar, is a highly pure form of the mineral fluorite (CaF₂). It is particularly valued in various industrial applications due to its high fluoride content and low levels of impurities. Here’s a detailed overview of acid-grade fluorite:


  1. Chemical Composition: Acid-grade fluorite contains over 97% calcium fluoride (CaF₂).
  2. Purity: It has very low levels of impurities, including silica, sulfur, and other trace elements.
  3. Physical Properties: Like other forms of fluorite, it has a glassy luster and can be transparent to translucent. It comes in various colors but is often purified to a near-colorless state.

Production Process

  1. Mining: Fluorite ore is extracted from mines using traditional mining techniques.
  2. Crushing and Grinding: The ore is crushed and ground to liberate the fluorite crystals from the surrounding rock.
  3. Flotation: The ground ore undergoes a flotation process to separate the high-purity fluorite from other minerals. Various reagents are used to enhance the separation and improve the purity of the fluorite concentrate.
  4. Purification: Additional steps may include washing, drying, and filtering to further increase the purity of the fluorite.


  1. Hydrofluoric Acid Production: The primary use of acid-grade fluorite is in the production of hydrofluoric acid (HF). Hydrofluoric acid is a critical industrial chemical used in the manufacture of a wide range of products, including refrigerants, pharmaceuticals, and high-performance plastics.
  2. Aluminum Production: Fluorite is used as a flux in the aluminum smelting process. It helps to lower the melting point of the raw materials and improve the efficiency of the process.
  3. Steel and Cement Production: In the steel industry, fluorite is used as a flux to remove impurities and improve the flow of slag. In cement production, it helps to reduce the energy required for clinker formation and enhances the properties of the final product.
  4. Glass and Ceramics: Fluorite is used in the production of certain types of glass and ceramics, providing unique optical and physical properties.

Acid-grade fluorite is a highly pure form of fluorite that plays a crucial role in various industrial processes. Its high calcium fluoride content and low impurity levels make it ideal for producing hydrofluoric acid and as a flux in aluminum, steel, and cement production. The production process involves careful mining, crushing, grinding, flotation, and purification to ensure the highest quality product.