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What to Pay Attention to When Purchasing Rutile Sand

When purchasing rutile sand, the following points should be noted:

Understand the origin and manufacturer background
Choose suppliers with good reputation, and understand the origin and mining process of their rutile sand. The origin directly affects the quality and composition of the sand.
Well-known origins include Australia, India, South Africa, etc. Find suppliers with stable operating records and quality control.
Specify clear purchase specifications
Specify required particle size range, titanium content, impurity content and other indicators. Different applications have different specification requirements.
Particle sizes generally range from 0.1-0.8mm. ≥95% titanium content is considered high quality.
Inspect sample quality
Conduct tests on received samples to verify if the physical and chemical indicators of the sand meet the requirements.
Mainly test the color, particle size distribution, impurity content, chemical composition, etc.
Negotiate reasonable pricing
Prices vary greatly between different origins and specifications. Comprehensive quality-price comparisons should be made during negotiations.
Negotiations can be held with multiple suppliers for comparison, to obtain more reasonable prices.
Improve contract terms
Specify quality standards, packaging requirements, supply timelines, payment methods, quality claims, etc.
Keep proper procurement records for future reference.

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