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What are the application fields of Rutile sand?

  1. Pigment industry: 93% of titanium ore consumption is used to produce titanium dioxide pigments. Titanium dioxide pigments are non-toxic mineral pigments used as white pigments for paints, plastics, paper and cosmetics. Due to its high refractive index, titanium dioxide has higher opacity than other white pigments such as zinc oxide and calcium carbonate. As consumption of titanium dioxide pigments grows 4-6% annually, demand for rutile sand will also grow steadily.
  2. Plastics industry: Rutile sand is used as an ultraviolet stabilizer and bright white pigment in plastics. As demand for plastics in packaging, transportation equipment, building materials and healthcare products grows over 4% annually, demand for rutile sand is also increasing.
  3. Ceramic industry: Rutile sand is used as a pigment in tiles and ceramic products. As demand for building construction increases, the application of rutile sand in this field is also climbing.
  4. Aerospace industry: Rutile sand is used as one of the raw materials for aerospace components due to its high strength and workability.
  5. Electronics industry: Titanium dioxide is widely used in electronic products such as white LED light sources, as an insulator and barrier layer in semiconductors and other electronic components. This also drives demand for rutile sand.

Rutile sand is also used in papermaking, anti-corrosion equipment, chemical production and other industries. The applications are very extensive, and there is still huge potential demand in the future. Therefore, it has a sustained boosting effect on the outlook and price of rutile sand.

In summary, the major application industries of rutile sand are pigments, plastics, ceramics, aerospace, electronics and other fields. The steady growth of these industries will drive the demand for rutile sand, thereby providing sustained support for its price.

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