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  • What is ilmenite?

    What is ilmenite?

    Ilmenite is a mineral containing titanium with the chemical formula FeTiO3, primarily composed of iron (Fe), titanium (Ti), and oxygen (O). This ore is commonly found in many rocks and sands. Ilmenite is typically black or dark brown in color, characterized by its metallic luster and hard appearance. Titanium is often used in the production…

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    Product name Ilmenite TiO2 46% -65% Fe2O3 16-25% FeO 21-30.00% P205 0.05% For detailed chemical composition specifications, please contact us and leave your contact information. Top quality titanium concentrate ilmenite concentrate concentrated titania ore China End use: Ilmenite concentrate is used in production of synthetic rutile, pigment titanium dioxide, welding electrodes, titanium sponge, metal titanium…